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Tag: Camera

What is DSLR?

DSLR has been hyped as the ultimate tool to capture awesome photos. When photography has captured your heart and asking friends’ suggestion for a good camera, they will simply say […]

Digital Camera Modes

Digital cameras offer various shooting modes with different camera settings for different shooting purposes. And that range from fully automatic to semi-auto to fully manual modes. Applying these modes in […]

Exposure Compensation

Exposure meter In a camera, there is an exposure meter which can be found on the top lcd or at the viewfinder. This meter indicates the exposure value (EV) of […]


What is ISO? It stands for International Standard Organization. Well, you don’t have to actually remember it. In photography, ISO is a gate that controls the amount of light gets […]

Shutter speed

Here’s another gate that control the amount of light that enters your camera sensor; SHUTTER SPEED!! Shutter speed shows the duration the shutter is left open to allow light passing […]