10 facts about lenses you need to know

1. Focal length Focal length is indicated by ‘mm’ as you can see on the lenses. Small number e.g. 17mm feels like zooming out, where almost things in front of you […]

What is DSLR?

DSLR has been hyped as the ultimate tool to capture awesome photos. When photography has captured your heart and asking friends’ suggestion for a good camera, they will simply say […]

5 key points to choose Raw or JPEG

Digital cameras especially DSLR offer two file formats which are RAW and JPEG.  If your camera has these options, you may have a question “which one is better?” Asking photographers either […]

What is White Balance?

Lighting sources, either it is natural or artificial do come in different types. Natural light from the sun differs according to the time of day and whether the sky is […]

Digital Camera Modes

Digital cameras offer various shooting modes with different camera settings for different shooting purposes. And that range from fully automatic to semi-auto to fully manual modes. Applying these modes in […]

Exposure Compensation

Exposure meter In a camera, there is an exposure meter which can be found on the top lcd or at the viewfinder. This meter indicates the exposure value (EV) of […]


What is ISO? It stands for International Standard Organization. Well, you don’t have to actually remember it. In photography, ISO is a gate that controls the amount of light gets […]

Shutter speed

Here’s another gate that control the amount of light that enters your camera sensor; SHUTTER SPEED!! Shutter speed shows the duration the shutter is left open to allow light passing […]


What is aperture? Commonly heard, commonly said, but exactly what it is? Aperture is one of the gates that controls the light into the camera’s sensor. Aperture basically is the opening […]

Mirrorless or DSLR?

Few years back, if you want high quality images, you choose a DSLR and if you want portability and small, you choose compact but the image quality is compromised. As […]

Types of cameras

What Type Of Camera Is right For Me? So, you have decided to make photography as part of your life, and now you are considering what camera should you choose.Well, […]